My First Birchbox!

My First Birchbox!

I admit it, I’m kinda (very!) late to the Birchbox party and have just received my first beauty box through the post and I have to say I’m liking it so far! For those of you in the know I jumped in with the May box containing 5 products in the ‘Palm Leaves and Warm Breeze’ design which made me feel very summery (even though it was raining outside!). This is what it looks like and I’m already thinking of what I can reuse it for- if you have any Birchbox tips or hacks please share them with me, and if you got a May box let me know what you got in yours and what you thought!


For those of you who are Birchbox newbies like me, just over a week ago I signed up to receive my first Birchbox for a fiver (they are usually £10 a month + p&p). When I registered I answered some questions about the kind of products I like to use, things I would and wouldn’t like to try and my personalised box arrived with 5 samples of products just for me! This is what the lovely chaps at Birchbox sent me this month:

Greenfrog Botanic Natural Bodywash- I love that Greenfrog Botanic are all natural, cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and palm oil free. This bodywash is a relaxing geranium & peppermint smell which I quite like and although it doesn’t really lather up when you use it I found it refreshing. I probably wouldn’t get this exact product but will definitely peruse their range as I love the brand’s ethics.

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner- I gave this a quick go when I first got it and have to say it was simple to use and achieving even lines on both eyes was pretty easy! I would share a pic but am fresh from a 3 hours car journey so will save this for another time!

Marcelle New-Age Precision 8 in 1 Power Serum- At first try this took a little while to dry when applied, however when it did dry it left my skin feeling smooth and makes a good primer. This was quite a small sample compared to the others this month and probably the product I’m least likely to look at buying.

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm- This was what I was most keen to try from this month’s box and is the product I’m most likely to buy if it does the job. I hadn’t come across these before but on my mission to be more health and chemical conscious I recently switched to an aluminium free deodorant which isn’t quite cutting the mustard (or sweat!) and so I’m hoping that this balm will do the trick a bit better as well as help me be a bit kinder to my underarms!

Doucce Lip Stain in Steaming Red- This is more of a dusky pink than red once applied, so probably not the one if you’re looking for a classic red, however I already have my trusty favourite red lippy and this colour looks lovely on so alls well that ends well!

Overall I love the concept, I’m the person that avoids the sample people in Boots- sorry!- so being able to try new products, that are personalised to me, at home with no pressure to buy is really appealing. I also love that I get a little surprise through the post once a month, something just for me in my busy schedule of making sure everyone else is looked after- it’s my little treat!

Digging a little deeper there are also lots of benefits to being a Birchbox-er. If you decide you like any of the products enough to buy a full size version you’ll get 10% off it (this goes up to 15% after 6 months), if you review your box each month you’ll get free p&p and 2 free mystery samples with anything you order, when you refer a friend you’ll get a £5 voucher, extra sample in your next box and your friend will get £5 off their first box AND you can bag yourself freebies when you shop! There are lots of opportunities to make it your own and make the most of your subscription so if you are a regular Birchbox-er and have some hints about how to make the most out of the freebies please do share them!

For now, I’m off to rub some deodorant balm on my pits and put it to the test, cheers Birchbox!






  1. Anon
    June 7, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    I love a subscription box but I find Birchbox and Glossybox very restrictive. They rely heavily on make up products and the shades are very repetitive and flat.
    Huge fan of the look fantastic box. You get a lot of different body and skin care products with the occasional make up product which is ideal if like me, you’re quite fussy on eyeshadow/lipstick shades. In the lookfantastic box last month I got a full sized Dr Organics lemon and poppy seed exfoliating bar (details at £19) plus 4 other products. Would highly recommend looking into it if you haven’t already.

    • EmilyJane008
      June 7, 2018 / 5:14 pm

      Thank you for your comment! I haven’t heard of Look Fantastic but will check it out, thanks! 😊

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