MK Summer Feast

MK Summer Feast

I don’t know about you but I bloody love this weather! I’ve been counting down the days until the weekend so that I can enjoy being outside and not stuck in the office. We decided to make the most out of our Sunday together by heading to MK Summer Feast. I think Milton Keynes gets a bit of a bad rap for being a concrete jungle full of chain restaurants, but scratch the surface a bit and you’ll find a whole community of local foodies putting their heart and soul into local produce, delicious street food and unique home made goodies. Today’s MK Feast was the fifth MK Feast event that MK Food Revolution have hosted at Bradwell Abbey and we had to join in the fun!

Stu’s Oven Wood Fired Pizza

First on the menu was pizza from the guys at Stu’s Oven chosen by Alice. I didn’t envy them hand making their pizzas in this heat but we definitely appreciated it- cheers guys. You can’t beat a freshly made pizza and anything the littlest enjoys as much as she did her pepperoni pizza is good with me. I love taking her along to local events like this and MK Feast is really geared up for families with face painting and live music to keep the kiddies entertained.

Good Times Cafe

Our resident veggie Dave was spoiled for choice but opted for the four cheese and marmite toastie with jalapeƱos from Good Times Cafe. These guys specialise in artisan sourdough grilled cheese sarnies and didn’t disappoint! If you do come across them make sure you add a cold brew coconut iced coffee to your order- total winner in the sun (I would have added Malibu to it if I hadn’t been driving!). And if it wasn’t possible to love a food van that is bossing cheese sandwiches any more they’re also pretty good at making signs too!

Choosing what to eat was really difficult, there were so many great vendors doing their thing that we couldn’t possibly have eaten our way around them all so we’ll just have to go back next time- Baja Cantina I’ve got my eye on those quasedillas! Here’s a little taste of what else MK Summer Feast 2018 had to offer…

Local Foodie Businesses

As well as the street food we also got to have a chat with some local small foodie business owners and treated ourselves to some local honey from Beekeper Honey. Listening to them speak so passionately about what they do was really inspiring and summed up the vibes of the day. We picked this up as local honey is amazing for building up immunity to local pollens so if you’ve been suffering with the rest of us this hay fever season then you have to give this a go.

If you missed out then don’t worry! MK Food Revolution hold seasonal Feast events annually and you can track down some of the vendors who were there today at upcoming events in Milton Keynes:

See you there!


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