Meghan Markle- I salute you

You may have noticed I’ve been really quiet over the last couple of months and it’s because we have news. I’ve been totally man down because of this little bean…

Yep, morning (all day) sickness and exhaustion have been kicking my ass and it’s been all I can do to just get through a day and fall asleep with Alice at her bedtime. Which has meant no squeezing in time for blogging 🙁

Just before my scan Meghan and Harry announced their news and during the time I’ve been stuffing my face, growing out of my jeans, sleeping more than a hibernating bear and trying to get through my work day without spewing at my desk I’ve been following news updates of their tour. Watching the always smiley Meghan Markle attend visit after visit, donning heels & dresses, get on and off flights all whilst at the same stage of pregnancy as me has totally upped my respect for her. Now, I know everyone has different experiences of pregnancy, but growing these little people is never easy and hats off to her taking on a bazillion royal engagements on the other side of the world whilst she probably feels rougher than she’d ever let on.

So there you have it, hopefully normal service will resume soon and I’ll get that 2nd trimester energy boost everyone keeps promising me. For now, I shall watch Ms Markle in awe and keep trying to get my hands on whatever miracle cure is keeping her going!


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