July Birchbox Review

July Birchbox Review

I know this month’s Birchbox review is super late (sorry!) but I’ve finally managed to get round to it!

This is my third Birchbox and the novelty of knowing I have a gift on its way to me in the post is nowhere near wearing off and I was so excited to see what July had in store.

July’s Birchbox is all about saying yes to adventure which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do more of lately (You can read my guest post about saying yes more on Influencer Writes). The box is a gorgeous summery pink and yellow watercolour design which totally fits in with this gorgeous summer weather we’re having and will look great being reused on my dressing table.

Inside was the usual 5 products including a full size blush from Manna Kadar Beauty, I chose the pink colour ‘Paradise’ from the 2 choices given to me before they sent my Birchbox to me. This is what I got:

what’s in it for me…? Shower Scrub

This shower scrub smells absolutely gorgeous. The orange and jasmine flower extracts smell amazing and the scent doesn’t disappear as soon as you wash it off like some scrubs and shower gels. This scrub is made with natural walnut shell which gently exfoliates your skin, it’s not a scrub for high maintenance areas like feet but leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed, ideal after a day in the sun!

Joliderm Blackheads Patch

I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t actually tried this one yet. Included is a single blackhead patch for your nose and with all this sunny weather my nose has been a little on the red side! I’m going to wait and use this when my skin needs a bit of a post-sun refresh. I’d love to know if you got one of these though and what you think so pop a comment below if you’ve tried it!

Manna Kadar Beauty Blush

I was given the choice of colour for this item and went for the pink tone ‘Paradise’. The blush itself has a nice tone to it and a pretty highlighting shimmer to it which I really like. The only downside in my opinion is the casing which feels quite cheap and isn’t easy to open. I’d love to know if you got one and feel the same or if mine is just a dodgy one!

Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Hair Oil

I was most excited about this product when I saw it. My hair can look very greasy and flat if I use oil to condition it but as it’s getting long I have been wanting to find a product that smooths and conditions without leaving me looking like a pubescent teen. This feels nice to put on to my hair and doesn’t leave it looking greasy but I can’t say I notice a huge difference when I use it. That said, my hair is very naturally straight so you might get better results if your hair isn’t as tame as mine!

⭐️ balanceme Congested Skin Serum ⭐️

This is my star item in this month’s Birchbox. It wasn’t the product that caught my eye straight away but as it happens I had a little breakout the day my Birchbox arrived so I figured I’d try it as it claims to reduce redness and calm inflammation. Within a few minutes the spot that had been appearing was much less visible and felt less uncomfortable. I continued to use the serum and it cleared up really quickly. This is such a handy little size tube and I’ll definitely be keeping it in my bag for those emergency breakout moments.


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