Finding balance

Finding balance

Life has been crazy the last few weeks to say the least which has meant the blog has been left a little quiet- sorry!

Mummy and Alice time

Firstly, Alice came home from holiday with her Dad and I wanted to soak up every minute with her before she started pre-school. I took the week off work and we went to the cinema, played, shopped for school and finished the week off with a trip to Cadbury World. Highly recommended by the way, even if Alice was most excited about playing in the park at the end! For an almost four year old it was a great day out, we booked a session at 11am which worked well as we didn’t have to stand in a queue for ages to get in and although Alice wanted to rush around a bit to see what was next, there was lots she could get involved with and enjoy. The answer to your big question, we each got 4 bars of chocolate as we went around and a DIY melted chocolate pot in there too!

Starting pre-school

Then she actually started pre-school. Parents, how have your little ones found going back to school this month? And how have you found it?! Alice was used to going to a childminder but was still a bit nervous about whether anyone would play with her at her new pre-school. I couldn’t have been more proud of her as she overcame her nerves and walked into her new class. I just wish I got more than a ‘I don’t know’ when I ask her what she did that day!! I’ve now learnt to have a chat with her at bedtime about our days and usually get a bit more information from her then!

Birthday celebrations

My baby turned four! How did that happen? We spent the weekend with family and friends which was tiring but so lovely! We hit up Build-A-Bear for their Birthday month offer, visited the home of Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle for a special event to see the red arrows which Alice loves- turns out she’s a bit of a dare devil and bravely smiled and laughed her way through the red arrows simulator! I then chose to have her party at soft play this year which was a huge help. I had hosted her first 3 birthday parties at home but with a growing friends list I was happy to let someone else host, cook and clear up and they did a brilliant job!

Unfortunately she ended the weekend with a nasty tummy bug so we had 3 days out of action but happily all better now and I’m looking forward to a bit of normality resuming!

Finding balance

I’m usually a huge balance advocate, finding a comfortable division of your time is so important, especially when trying to juggle family, work, home responsibilities, extended family and friends, oh and a bit of you time too! Sometimes though, as a parent I’ve discovered it’s ok to just be. Don’t fight the needs of your little ones in pursuit of balance, sometimes they just need 100% and the universe will eventually chuck you some recovery time.

New routines

All of the above has coincided with Alice’s visits to her Dad decreasing to every 3 weeks rather than every other week. I hadn’t really thought about this transition too much but it will definitely take a bit of getting used to. I had got in the habit of doing boring house jobs and taking some me time every other weekend, now with an extra week it feels like slightly more of a stretch that will just need a bit more planning.

Thinking about how long it has been since I last blogged this morning, I felt guilty. But it has been a bit of an extraordinary time and we’ve made some wonderful memories. Getting into a new routine of school and weekend visits was bound to throw things off a bit but I’m looking forward to finding a way of working my blogging around these changes and will be back in full force again soon I’m sure!

How do you find a balance in your life? I’d love to know what helps you to plan and look after yourself in a busy schedule!

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