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Down the Rabbit Hole

Oh Cath, you’ve done it again you gorgeous lot! A couple of months ago I saw the amazing news that Cath Kidston were welcoming darling Alice into their family from Wonderland and I could not have been more excited! The gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Disney X Cath Kidston range landed this week and it doesn’t disappoint! I couldn’t resist making some of it my own. As with most of their products the prices were the high end of high street so amongst moments of ‘I want it all!’ I tried to pick wisely and choose items that we could enjoy for…

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Going Reusable

OK girls, it’s about to get real over here. Period. Yes, Aunt Flo is a bitch at the best of times with her habit of dropping into our monthly routines, usually at the most inopportune moment, to explain why all you’ve wanted to eat the last week is chocolate and fried cheese and why the sound of your Boyfriend breathing is enough to make you want to punch him in the face. But with that realisation, and relief that you’ve avoided the stork for another month, comes a week of cramps and period management. Yay. Since having Alice my TOTM…

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Hello my old friend

It’s been a while since I wrote but I’ve been feeling inspired again recently and thought I would dust off the old keyboard and get back to it. Last night I logged into WordPress for the first time in a long while and perused the first few posts of this new blog, the last being a celebration of Alice’s 2nd birthday- about 18 months ago! A lot has changed in that time and I have so much to share again. The beginnings of many blog posts are bubbling up inside my head and starting to sprout legs so I want…

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