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My time as a single Mum- Dating

I started writing this series reflecting on my time as a single mum and life has taken over slightly but I’m happy to unveil part 2. I’ve thought long and hard about what topic to cover next and having just moved in with my fella it’s easy to forget the many bad dates, hilarious online dating profiles and time spent feeling like I had missed the boat that got me here so this one is all about dating. I spent two years being single Mum to Alice and hard as it was I have so many good memories of my…

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What feminism means to me

I was shocked recently to hear about one of the female members of my local political party (of which I am a member) suggest that only women should be allowed to vote for their women’s officer. Err what?! How can we possibly be asking for equality and excluding men from the conversation? Luckily her suggestion wasn’t taken on but I was surprised that it was even made in the first place from a woman who is so politically active. I tried to understand her point ‘men don’t understand women’s issues so how can they vote for a women’s officer?’. Whilst…

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What to do with your wedding dress

Whilst moving I found my wedding dress hidden under my bed in amongst Christmas decorations, bedding and memory boxes from Alice’s newborn stage. I’m not really sure why I had held onto it since my divorce but I wasn’t quite ready to let go as I felt like I was discarding a small part of Alice’s history, especially as she was there on the day in bump form! I have fond memories of trying my Mum’s wedding dress on as a kid and I guess I had kept it with this in mind. Now I’m moving in with my other…

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Going Reusable Part 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For those of you that have been following you’ll know I’m taking small steps to becoming more environmentally friendly and going reusable in the products I use regularly. I recently converted to cloth sanitary pads (you can read about them here) and was so impressed I’ve now added reusable cloth make up wipes to my collection. I found out about them when I was doing my sanitary pad research and after having a good look around I opted for these wipes from Cheeky Wipes. I chose these ones as they are made from gorgeously soft…

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Our first week with Alexa

A week ago we welcomed a new member of the household, Alexa (or Balexa as Alice likes to call her). Explaining the concept to Alice was quite funny, I was met with many questions like ‘who’s Balexa?’ ‘Is she a robot?’ Followed by a lovely song she made up ‘Balexa, Balexa play some music’. A high point for me was Alice playing the guess the animal game, a skill game where you have to think of an animal and Alexa asks questions until she can guess what you’re thinking. Alice answered each question confidently with a yes or no although…

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