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Guest Post: Natural Remedies for Stress & Anxiety

One of my favourite things about blogging is being a part of a community. You name an interest, way of life or hobby and there will be some lovely people writing their thoughts and advice on it somewhere online. Since I started Em In Real Life I have been growing more active in this community and have had the chance to get to know some fantastic writers and creatives. One of these is Ri who writes at Happy Mentality, Ri is an open and supportive blogger who writes about mental health and body positivity. I met her in a Twitter…

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Scandinavia 2018

I was lucky enough this week to go along to the VIP Preview evening of the newest Christmas Party night in Milton Keynes, Scandinavia. I know, I know it’s too early for the C-word (no Not THAT one, I’m talking Christmas) but the guys from Scandinavia Events are hosting party nights throughout the Festive period and wanted to show off their new Christmas concept even if the sun is shining. The preview evening provided welcome solace from the England defeat and an opportunity to look forward to coming months over some good food, cocktails and live music. The preview was…

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MK Summer Feast

I don’t know about you but I bloody love this weather! I’ve been counting down the days until the weekend so that I can enjoy being outside and not stuck in the office. We decided to make the most out of our Sunday together by heading to MK Summer Feast. I think Milton Keynes gets a bit of a bad rap for being a concrete jungle full of chain restaurants, but scratch the surface a bit and you’ll find a whole community of local foodies putting their heart and soul into local produce, delicious street food and unique home made…

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My time as a single Mum- Dating

I started writing this series reflecting on my time as a single mum and life has taken over slightly but I’m happy to unveil part 2. I’ve thought long and hard about what topic to cover next and having just moved in with my fella it’s easy to forget the many bad dates, hilarious online dating profiles and time spent feeling like I had missed the boat that got me here so this one is all about dating. I spent two years being single Mum to Alice and hard as it was I have so many good memories of my…

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What feminism means to me

I was shocked recently to hear about one of the female members of my local political party (of which I am a member) suggest that only women should be allowed to vote for their women’s officer. Err what?! How can we possibly be asking for equality and excluding men from the conversation? Luckily her suggestion wasn’t taken on but I was surprised that it was even made in the first place from a woman who is so politically active. I tried to understand her point ‘men don’t understand women’s issues so how can they vote for a women’s officer?’. Whilst…

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