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Four Go To Corfu

Yes, you read that right! We thought it would be a great idea to pack up the 4 year old and the 3 month old and escape to Corfu for the week. Whilst it wasn’t the most relaxing holiday to date with 2 kids in tow it was definitely fun and so lovely to get some quality time together. Here are my tips for surviving, and enjoying, your holiday with two under 5’s! Book Family Friendly This might sound like I’m teaching you how to suck eggs, but when I say this I mean book SUPER family friendly! We booked…

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Getting My Fix

I remember feeling totally lost after I had Alice when it came to getting out of my maternity wear and back into normal clothes. Towards the end of my 2nd pregnancy I found myself gazing longingly at all the normal clothes in shops and couldn’t wait to ditch the same couple of maternity dresses I had come to rely on. When it came to it though I felt just as clueless as I had after my first pregnancy about what to wear for my new shape, ease of breastfeeding and what’s appropriate for a Mum without being ‘Mumsy’. All of…

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Meghan Markle- I salute you

You may have noticed I’ve been really quiet over the last couple of months and it’s because we have news. I’ve been totally man down because of this little bean… Yep, morning (all day) sickness and exhaustion have been kicking my ass and it’s been all I can do to just get through a day and fall asleep with Alice at her bedtime. Which has meant no squeezing in time for blogging 🙁 Just before my scan Meghan and Harry announced their news and during the time I’ve been stuffing my face, growing out of my jeans, sleeping more than…

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Finding balance

Life has been crazy the last few weeks to say the least which has meant the blog has been left a little quiet- sorry! Mummy and Alice time Firstly, Alice came home from holiday with her Dad and I wanted to soak up every minute with her before she started pre-school. I took the week off work and we went to the cinema, played, shopped for school and finished the week off with a trip to Cadbury World. Highly recommended by the way, even if Alice was most excited about playing in the park at the end! For an almost…

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Ditching the razor with Dermaspa Milton Keynes

I have Dermaspa to thank for single handedly saving my eyebrows after they just about survived the over-plucking madness of the early noughties so when I was asked to try out the new Soprano Platinum ICE laser hair removal I knew I would be in good hands. Girls and boys, let’s be honest, shaving is time consuming and irritating and the idea of laser hair removal has always appealed so I jumped at the chance to try out this new ‘virtually painless’ treatment at Milton Keynes’ most luxurious beauty clinic Dermaspa. Dermaspa Dermaspa is Milton Keynes’ jewel in the crown…

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